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Who We Are

Suzanne Denson RN, BSN – Administrator

Suzanne White Denson graduated from University of Texas – Houston with a BSN in 1979.  She has completed several graduate courses at UT, and her nursing experience includes pediatrics, OBGYN, ICU, oncology, infusion therapy, geriatrics and hospice.

Suzanne has three children, but her daughter Carrie died in 1988 after an eight-year battle with multiple chronic illnesses that began in infancy.  Inspired by her daughter’s needs, she became a strong advocate for chronically ill and disabled children and their families. Suzanne was local president of the Association for Retarded Citizens (the ARC), and for a brief time she was national public relations coordinator for the National organization.  She, along with several other passionate and persistent mothers, advocated for and developed the concept behind the state of Texas children’s program called Medically Dependent Children’s Program  (MDCP) in a Medicaid waiver.  This program provides respite care and home medical improvements to families in need of these services.  The program has continued serving families for over 28 years.

Suzanne married her training as a nurse with her experience as the mother of a chronically ill child to launch her career as the owner of a pediatric home health company.  Over the last 31 years as the Administrator and Director of Nurses, she has expanded skilled services to elderly, adult and pediatric clients in the community.

Margie Ripple, RN – Director of Clinical Services

Margie became a nurse because it was the best way she could think of to thank God every day of her life for what He has done for her.  She wanted to put a smile on the face of a hurting soul.

Margie started out in the ER and worked her way up from a ER Tech to LVN then RN.  She was there for 16 years and loved every minute of it.  From there Margie worked many different positions from Nurse Manager of an Orthopedic Unit to the Manager of an Acute Rehab Unit and Med/Surg Unit. Once she got into Case Management and began to learn more and more about managed care, Margie realized, as a Case Manager, she had to know about all the different levels of care in healthcare to be the best possible resource for her patients. She set out to work in every level of care and has, for the most part, accomplished that.

Margie has worked on the payer side with major insurance companies as the Director of Service Coordination.  She led a team of RN’s, LMSW’s and LVN’s as well as nonclinical personnel in coordinating the healthcare for the Medicaid and Medicare population. She left the insurance world and was hired on as Dir. Of Case Management for a major Long Term Acute Care Hospital.  Margie  stayed with them for 8 1/2 years (2009 – 2017) and moved to 3 different hospitals within that system.  From there Margie took a position as the Dir. Of Case Management at a hospital downtown.

Home health is the future of the healthcare industry. It’s here, at Denson Home Health, where Margie feels she can have the greatest positive impact on patient care and work with a truly dedicated group of professionals who consistently work in the best interest of the patients we serve.

Theresa Conyer, RN – Adult Dept. Case Manager

Mandie Hamilton, LVN – Adult Dept. 


Daphne White – HR Assistant

Daphne White started with Denson Home Health as an aide in 1989 Wow! A lifetime ago!   Her dedication to patients was unparalleled, and her patients filled binders with glowing praise about her compassion, attention to detail and sense of humor. We are truly honored that she chose to be a part of our Denson Team for so many years. In 2015, after a life of service to others and a series of injuries to her back, Daphne transitioned to HR Assistant and Orders Manager.

Renee Bauer – Billing Manager

Renee Bauer started with Denson Home Health as a starry-eyed, ambitious receptionist in 1989. With a curious mind and an intense motivation to learn, Renee quickly moved up to accounts receivable, payroll, finally Billing and AR Manager. Under Suzanne’s tutelage, she learned how to run the books by the book and never looked backed! She runs a tight ship with fierce attention to detail that have kept our company functioning at the highest level of integrity for nearly 30 years! 

Jeanette Vasquez– Manager of Adult Scheduling

Jeanette Vasquez began her lifelong career in the field of home health nearly 25 years ago and never looked back. She found her niche as a scheduler and is the best we’ve ever worked with in over 3 decades of being in business. She came to us in 2013, and since day one she has shown a unique dedication to both the patients as well as the employees she schedules. Jeanette is responsible for scheduling around 50 employees and manages one assistant.

When Jeanette is not working, she keeps busy with Golf, Basketball, Football, and Baseball as is devoted to her husband and two children. Her desk is a virtual shrine to the Houston Texans team!

Belinda Murray – HR Liaison/Pediatric Department Scheduler


Steve Denson – Chief Financial Officer

Steve Denson graduated from Southwestern University in 2003 with a degree in business. He began working at Denson HH straight out of school assuming the roles of Billing Manager, then Financial Manager and finally the Chief Financial Officer. Steve received his Master’s in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2019.

When he’s not working and going to school, he spends time with his wife traveling, going to concerts, playing billiards and watching the Houston Astros – Texans and Rockets.

Nichole Dunn – Community Laiason/Business Development


Denson Home Health, Inc. does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information.


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