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by | Apr 2, 2020

Dear Clients and Community,

Since opening our doors over 35 years ago, we have established ourselves as highly skilled and compassionate partners in the healthcare community. As the city, state, and country come together to protect the most vulnerable among us during the COVID-19 crisis, we want to reassure our patients, employees, and referral sources that Denson Home Health’s family of staff is unmatched in their dedication to our clients and their families. We began taking this virus seriously in early February and acted quickly to follow the guidance of the scientific community and medical professionals. We implemented emergency protocols in early February to ensure that both clients and employees remain as safe as possible during this crisis. Here are some of the actions we have taken:

  1. We held our first emergency planning meeting on Feb 12th and posted CDC screening tools for both patients and employees on Feb 13th.
  2. Since Feb 13th, our staff has received daily updates from the CDC and local emergency agencies on infection control, screening, testing, personal protection and other relevant information related to patient care and employee safety.
  3. By March 1st all office staff and field staff were practicing social distancing.
  4. On March 4th, we received the first notification that COVID-19 had arrived in Houston. That day, the office staff began migrating to working from home, and strict protocols were put into place to limit the number of staff that could be in the office at any given time.
  5. Our field staff is equipped with N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and face shields as well as PPE training.
  6. All staff submit temperature readings before seeing the first patient of the day and report any symptoms of illness directly to the Director of Clinical Services.
  7. Staff follow all CDC/state/local guidelines for self-quarantining in cases of direct and indirect exposure to COVID-19.
  8. Staff follow strict protocols for handling supplies and PPE in patient homes and their vehicles, and they disinfect their supplies and vehicle on an on-going basis.
  9. All clients diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as those under investigation, will be seen at the end of the day. Our staff will not go directly from a client with COVID-19 to one that does not have the virus.

Our community is resilient, and we fully intend to move through this crisis with grace and compassion. We are stronger together!


The Entire Staff at Denson Home Health